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Terry Littell has been navigating the markets for over 30 years. As a finance graduate from Northeastern University (in 1985, if you must know), he’s seen, lived and prospered through quite a few of the financial calamities this country has been through over that time period. It can be done, but you must be smart about handling your money. Most people don’t have the training, nor the time to be experts on the best way to manage their money. Managing your money can mean different things to different people. He uses it to mean much more than traditionally thought. Yes, it’s about planning for retirement, but it’s also about running your household budget to live the best possible way that your resources allow. Over the years he has formulated some pretty renegade thoughts about the status quo when it comes to financial institutions in our country. Let’s just say, at least for this short piece, that the financial behemoths in this country are pretty darn happy with the way things are structured. Are you?

You’re invited to get in touch if you have any issues that you aren’t quite comfortable with in your financial life. Because you would be the employer, the goal here is not to try to sell you some product that’s going to help my wallet, with questionable results on yours! We will explore your issues and come up with a plan to make things better. I do spend my days in front of my screens watching my positions, so late afternoon/evening meetings work best for me.

Kind of lengthy, but critically important to understand what you, and I, are up against!

How well do you do?

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