Should you alter your commute to avoid certain bridges?

Take a quick look at this to see if there’s an adjustment that should be made to your route that you drive daily, or occasionally even. Another example of our government not getting done the things that really need doing because they’re too busy bickering in Washington!

Total Internet Time Waster

The internet can be such a time waster, but in this case it is so worth it! Take a look at what this guy can make, out of a PENCIL! Just incredible!

Have you got a spare 30 minutes?

This video, put together by a pretty sharp guy, tries to explain how the economy works in easy to understand terms. Taking a complex issue and trying to reduce it to a half an hour is not easily done, but I think he does a pretty good job.

Health care in the US vs various other countries

This one takes some time to get through, but it does point out the glaring differences between this country and some other countries in the world. Not sure what conclusions can be drawn, but it does provoke some thought!

More Eye Openers

This is another one that continues my theme of you better be looking out for yourself in this business!