Conflicts, who said anything about conflicts! There aren’t any in the financial services industry, right? Yeah, right! Your advisor is always looking out for your best interests when discussing your money. I’m sorry, do I sound cynical? If you had seen some of the things I’ve seen as far as financial plans go, you’d be getting a second opinion on things!

How well do you know your advisor?

This article dips into a subject that’s kind of the third rail in the industry. Are you comfortable with whoever you’re working with on your financial plan? Do they return your calls promptly? Are they delivering results?

Wish I had this talent!

I get the feeling that these people aren’t using their cell phone cameras to take these pictures!

A view from across the pond

The current lunacy going on in Washington is beyond ridiculous! Here is a reaction from someone in Britain, who has a pretty good handle on things. (Registration is required, but free).