Time for your annual check-up

Those of you who are retired can’t just sit back and assume you’re doing OK. You must continue to monitor your assets and how you’re spending is impacting them. Here’s a pretty easily understood piece from the Wall St. Journal that sums it up pretty well.

Bet you thought I left

First of, I must apologize for my absence recently. I’ve had my nose buried in some year end projects that required my FULL attention. I am almost through with that exercise at this point, although not 100%  just yet. I glanced at the site though, to see that I haven’t posted anything in far too long. Time to rectify….

This one is a bit off topic and points out the fact that I am on the upper range of the demographic age range for prime time advertisers…..yeah that’s right, I’m old! I don’t think though that precludes me from having an opinion on what current culture norms are. This piece sums it up quite nicely. It is a bit lengthy, but hopefully it begins a conversation about what we allow as a society.