Health care in the US vs various other countries

This one takes some time to get through, but it does point out the glaring differences between this country and some other countries in the world. Not sure what conclusions can be drawn, but it does provoke some thought!

More Eye Openers

This is another one that continues my theme of you better be looking out for yourself in this business!

Back from a wonderful vacation

Sorry for the radio silence the past few weeks, but I’ve been away on a stress-free relaxing vacation where, while I didn’t unplug completely, I purposely did take myself pretty much off the “public” part of the grid. I am back now, which is a great way to “re-enter” the world, since this is one of the slowest weeks of the year in the markets. This allows me to pick things back up in a more leisurely manner and give some more thought to the ideas that were hatched while sitting in the sun. Fear not though, I do have a link of interest, which is apropos of nothing in particular, just the perfect thing for the last week of summer!

Read this and then pass it along to everyone you know!

If there was ever one article that tells it like it is in this industry, this has to be it. It is so critically important that I really hope it gets picked up and passed around by everyone who’s looking to build something for their future!

What’s with the dated material?

This is over five years old at this point, but the advice is both timeless and still very much relevant! Please take the time to get through it and let it sink in! If it’s good enough for all the newly wealthy at Google, then it surely can help those with less invest-able funds.

This is rather old, but you’re entering your current information!

An article from the NY Times that’s a few years old, but since you’re inputting your own numbers, they can be as current as you want to make them.