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  • What more can be said?

    Not sure I can add much more to this….it’s just sad!

  • A primer on the Middle East

    This is a great way to get up to speed on what makes the Middle East such a volatile place, without spending too much time. It’s well worth spending 15 minutes going through it to gain a better understanding of the history of an area that plays a big role in geopolitics, which in turn […]

  • A bus ride to get warm?

    As if the state of retirement planning wasn’t depressing enough, the NY Times piece from the front page of Sunday’s paper is pretty darn disturbing! I know that this area is pretty intimidating for a lot of folks, but please people, become more informed about your finances, because stories like these are going to become […]

  • A great retirement planning read!

    This New York Times review of a retirement planning book, specifically aimed at those 50 and over, but really apropos for all, is well worth your time. I highly recommend it for those of you struggling with your planning.  It is available on Amazon, at less that $13 in electronic form. It’s not your normal […]

  • Simple Advice, except to follow!

    This article sums it up pretty succinctly, and makes it sound so easy. Until it’s your money on the line and then for a lot of people it gets really hard (wasn’t there a Seinfeld episode on this). This is where having an ear to bend when things get dicey, and they will at some […]

  • A thoughtful piece from the NY Times Editorial page

    If there was a way to automatically post anything that Tom Friedman writes in the NY Times, I wish I could do it, since it would save me some work. Since there  isn’t, and also because I don’t want to just swamp you with his piece’s, I post now only certain ones. The one that […]

  • Time for your annual check-up

    Those of you who are retired can’t just sit back and assume you’re doing OK. You must continue to monitor your assets and how you’re spending is impacting them. Here’s a pretty easily understood piece from the Wall St. Journal that sums it up pretty well.